8 reasons why women choose network marketing

What Women Want: 8 reasons they choose network marketing

What Women Want

More and more women are leaving their careers to start their own home business. These women are professionals who can choose to work in any industry, so why network marketing? With their experience and feminine strengths, these women are valuable assets to any organisation. If you’re looking to grow your network and recruit them, you’ll need to understand what appeals to them, what drives them, and what it takes to win them over.

1.      Bye bye, 9 to 5.

The liberated lady from the 70s and 80s celebrated her independence by proving she can do anything a man can, including an office job. Today’s intelligent woman knows career satisfaction can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. She has gained the skills to run her own show, manage her own schedule, and strive for unlimited income. Network marketing companies, like QNet, can provide these opportunities.

2.     A balanced life.

One of the strongest motivators for women to start a network marketing business is having more time for themselves or their families. Competing in the corporate jungle has often meant kissing that freedom goodbye. Network marketing is one of those rare opportunities where women can have it all—a great income and better quality of life. This means being able to be super-mum, super-wife and super-networker. Or try, anyway.

Family time

3.     Unlimited rewards.

Remember that job you had where you were overworked and underpaid? Network marketing companies recognise and reward their distributors by offering incentives at every step. What other business gifts you with year-round cash bonuses, holidays and freebies for doing your job?

4.      Equal opportunity.

Although women have come a long way, they are still paid less than their male counterparts. In network marketing, you compete on a level playing field.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender, race, social status and educational background. Maybe that’s why women make up 82 per cent of the network marketing industry.

CNN Money listed 39 jobs where women actually make more than men—topping the list are women in sales, making 43 percent more than men. Take for example, Donna Imson—she’s been named one of the Greatest Networkers in the World, and is the Executive Chairperson of QNet.

5.     Freedom to be.

Freedom is the key word: financial freedom, freedom of time, and freedom to chase your dreams. For women, it’s also the chance to celebrate their feminine traits—being nurturing, supportive, co-operative and genuine. These are all crucial for success­ in direct selling

6.     A safety net.

Network marketing is suitable for people from all walks of life: office workers saving up side income to break free from the corporate world, home-makers wanting to be more independent, retirees who want to continue earning to enjoy their golden years… you name it.

7.     Low start-up costs.

Bye bye, 9 to 5

Many start-ups require a substantial capital. Want to open a shop? You need money for rental, inventory, and advertising. The financial risk is great if things don’t work out. Network marketing businesses require minimal costs—some of the more progressive network marketing companies, like QNet, employ an e-commerce business model, slashing costs even more. Customers buy directly from a website, so you don’t need to fork out any money of your own for a physical retail store.

8.      Partners of your choice.

In network marketing, you can choose the people you want to work with. A new business partner, a new customer, the choice is yours. There’s no more battling difficult bosses or backstabbing colleagues.

If you’re lucky enough to have a team of female networkers, appreciate and motivate them. Remind them that network marketing is not just an opportunity to earn money, but also a chance to spend more time with family, to make a difference to the community, and to embrace their feminine strengths.

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  2. nilima gupta says:

    freedom of time ,money , knowledge and service.

    1. Dani A. says:

      Hi Nilima,

      How do you find network marketing? Is it working well for you?

      1. Mad Mido says:

        Network Marketing is an unbelievable chance for a woman or a man..

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    Why network marketing for moms!

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    Excellent article on why women choose network marketing and what it can offer them

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