RYTHM Foundation gives USD65,000 to house destitute in India

CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan is QNet’s I’m MAD (Making A Difference) Campaign Ambassador

Narayanan Krishnan is QNet's new I'm MAD Campaign Ambassador
Narayanan Krishnan is QNet's new I'm MAD Campaign Ambassador.

Madurai, India, 5 August 2011 – Hundreds of the destitute will soon have a place to call home.

To aid the completion of the eight-block building, RYTHM Foundation, global CSR arm of QI Group, donated USD40,000 to the Akshaya H.E.L.P. Trust, founded by Narayanan Krishnan.

With the USD25,000 received by Krishnan when he won the V-RYTHM Award in May 2010, the total amount of USD65,000 will fund the construction of the seventh block, which will house a kitchen, storerooms and a dining hall.

Narayanan Krishnan, the first Indian national to receive the honour, was previously nominated amongst the top 10 winners of the CNN Heroes 2010 Award.

Krishnan’s mission began in 2002 when the former chef saw a homeless man eating his own waste from hunger.

Since then he and his team have served around 1.5 million meals at three times a day through Akshaya’s street feeding programme.

“Both the Akshaya H.E.L.P. Trust and RYTHM Foundation seek to assist the less fortunate,” he said. “Because of our shared mission, I am excited about being the I’m MAD Campaign Ambassador of India. Together, we can create a more compassionate world.”

The I'm MAD Campaign serves to raise funds for causes and charities.

The I’m Making A Difference (I’m MAD) Campaign was recently launched to raise additional funds for the QI Group’s worldwide activities through its subsidiary and global direct selling leader QNet.

These activities include offering financial aid to numerous causes, charities and fund-raising events. The Akshaya H.E.L.P. Trust is the Campaign partner in India.

RYTHM Foundation trustee Donna Imson said that over half of the USD40,000 was raised through merchandise sales from the I’m MAD Campaign.

“With the campaign in place, RYTHM Foundation is able to bring together millions of QNet clients, partners and staff to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities across the globe.

“Narayanan Krishnan is also making a huge difference to the lives of those on the streets in Madurai. That is why he was chosen to be QNet’s I’m MAD Campaign Ambassador,” said Imson.

RYTHM Foundation.

She added that RYTHM Foundation had been involved in projects in India since 2009, with the most recent being funding the establishment of the Department of Ayurvedic Research at the Sri Sri University, Orissa.

In 2010, RYTHM Foundation began a two-year partnership with World Vision International to enrich the lives of 121 impoverished children in 11 countries, with improved education, health care and support systems.

Interested in learning more about RYTHM Foundation? Check out their official Facebook page and see how you can help Make A Difference.


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