The most powerful weapon in direct selling

It’s not a specific qualification, a flashy presentation, or even anything tangible—the most powerful weapon in network marketing is the ability to move someone emotionally.

Making connections is what Holly Chen believes brought her success: as one of the top distributors in the world, her annual income is an estimated USD 8 million.

Holly Chen on the most powerful tool in network marketing

The 68-year old grandmother, based in Taiwan, was once a grade-school teacher, and those years of experience have given her a motherly tone. To her network of 300,000 representatives, she is known as lao shi, Mandarin for teacher.

Regardless of her past, she urges networkers, “Open your mind, forget your past, your job…” Ms. Chen found prospects anywhere, whether at casino tables, or in line for the bathroom. (Word of advice: talk to the people behind you, not in front.)

Ms. Chen made her first connection in mainland China when she asked a random person on the street for a restaurant recommendation. “You have to know the inside of people, rather than the outside of people,” she says. “You have to know their hearts.”

Challenging economic times have created a new wave of moonlighting networkers. The network marketing business has grown more than 30 per cent since 2009, proving it to be a resilient industry.

For those interested in network marketing, here are some useful resources:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amit Monga says:

    Eye opener… Through this I intend to inspire a lot of women in my team… It has been inspirational to me aswell.

    1. Taylor Lee says:

      Thank you, Amit. Very glad you found it useful. How do you normally inspire the women in your team?

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