Why a Code of Ethics is Essential to Success

Source: http://www.iupui.edu

Every legitimate business follows a code of ethics. A corporation’s code of ethics does not exist solely for the purpose of performing good deeds; it is also essential to sustainable growth, employee productivity, and reliable investments.  Furthermore, ethical business practices are vital to maintaining good relationships internally and externally, and play a large role corporate success.

As network marketers, we are often faced with concerns about how ethical our business is. We know that MLM is legitimate business and, as mentioned above, every legitimate business has a code of ethics that it follows to ensure the business does well. In the same light, following the code of ethics is also essential to our individual success as representatives of the business.

Making sure that we constantly engage in ethical practice when doing business keeps us protected from negative judgment and helps us build trust with our network and future partners. You must always act responsibly and for the good of your network, in order to hone a more productive relationship with them and build a clean reputation for yourself, which will lead even more quality people to you.

It is also important to note that growth and success are both positive entities. So in order to achieve success, you must learn to maintain a positive mindset and to engage in positive practices. If you disregard ethical business, you choose to do something opposed to positive practice, and this will not only reflect on you but also affect your chances at true success. Because remember: Success is not only about personal materialistic gain. It is about how you raise yourself to be the best person you can be and how many hearts you’ve touched along the way.

For this month of October, Success in a Cup will be collaborating with the Training Room to bring you a more thorough understanding of QNET’s Code of Ethics and help you stay on the path of true success. This week, while we here on SIAC have discussed why the Code of Ethics is essential to your individual success, the guys at the Training Room talk about how important it is for a brand’s reputation.

Cheers, everyone!


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