Your Conduct Paves Your Way to Success

Part A of QNET’s Code of Ethics
lists down the proper conduct Independent Representatives should display when dealing with the general public—from initial contact to presenting them with the opportunity to do business with the company and explaining how the business plan works. The key points to remember when conducting your business with other people is to always 1) respect the other person, and 2) be truthful in your dealings.

To do this, you have to ensure that you present yourself in a highly suitable manner at all times, take into serious consideration your business contact’s time and needs, and always refer to the official source when making claims about the company and the business. Consistently displaying proper conduct is imperative in building trust between you and your business partners, and improving your relationship with your network, as well as inspiring them to always follow the right path towards success.


Our friends at the Training Room take on Part B of QNET’s Code of Ethics in their latest blog entry, to remind us of the importance of fulfilling one’s obligations as an Independent Representative.

Tune in next week for the rest of the discussion! Cheers, all!



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