The Health Hazards of E-Smog


Electrosmog, or E-smog, refers to the large amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF) present on the planet. The World Health Organisation describes how the electromagnetic spectrum comes from both natural and human-made sources, showing how we are exposed to different frequencies of EMF every day.

According to WHO, one of the most abundant sources which are classified as possibly carcinogenic are our cellular phones. While no conclusive evidence states that EMF produced by cellular phones directly trigger cancer cells, research organisations continue to consider the long-term usage of these devices as a serious risk, especially among younger generations who have been exposed to them starting at a much earlier age. A UK-based company lists other possible sources of EMF which pose a risk to one’s health, and this website recounts several reported events that indicate the potential hazards of EMF. This infographic also talks about the symptoms of sensitive reactions to everyday exposure to e-smog hazards.

This is why it has become very important to find ways to protect ourselves from the potential risks the ubiquitous e-smog poses to our health due to our continuous use of our gadgets and other electronic devices. Taking reasonable precautions is an important day-to-day thought for us all, from avoiding places near large power lines and cell towers to making use of a wellness device such as the Amezcua E-Guard that helps prevent the EMF health risks by engaging, activating, and supporting the body’s natural defenses and energy systems.


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