How to Duplicate Your Network Marketing Success


Great leaders lead by example. This is one of the most well-known adages in leadership and building a successful business. The same principle can be said of duplication—a network marketing principle that speaks about creating success for your team and business by imparting with them the same action plan for success that you have followed.

Duplication is one of the cornerstones of network marketing. Legitimate companies do not provide opportunity to people on the sole basis of their capacity to generate referrals. Rather, it is the ability of network marketers to hone the skills of those within their network that determines their true potential for success. They must be able to teach their teams how to generate leads, sign people up, get sales, and how to impart these very lessons to each of their own respective teams, all the way down the line.

With this, you are essentially duplicating the success you created, so have an action plan ready to be implemented quickly as needed. Here are a few simple steps to guide you through a successful duplication process:

  1. Determine if your prospect is serious about network marketing.

    Using the sales funnel, you can determine which among your prospects would be valuable to your team. Find out which prospects make purchases for additional training materials or simply ask them what their goals are. The foremost important characteristic of an excellent downline is their willingness to commit to the business.

  1. Dedicate your time and efforts to your committed downlines.

    You need to be there for your downline and ready to guide them through the process of generating leads to build and develop their own networks. Your committed presence ensures that the right methods are duplicated successfully.

  1. Teach a very clear and specific system.

    Remember, duplication is about providing them with the methods which you yourself have used and proven to be effective. Develop your training in such a way that they would be able to perform these very methods themselves and train others following your example as well.

  1. Hold them accountable for their performance.

    You dedicate your time to teaching them the system and this includes making sure your downlines follow it accordingly. Be firm but never overbearing, and encourage them by making them understand how well the system would work for them if its methods are performed correctly so they may enjoy its fruits as you do.

  1. Identify the leaders and raise them up.

    The nature of network marketing success is all about raising oneself to help others raise themselves to help even more do the same. It is very important to recognise the leaders in your network and develop them further. Encourage these people to keep shining brighter and you will have built a stronger relationship that is lasting and vital to your future growth.




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  1. Gene Adigu says:

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    Building a business is when your business keeps moving with or without you. That’s Duplication!

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