How to Effectively Build Your Team

Congratulations! You just started your network marketing business. This is the first step towards a sustainable income that will provide for your needs and wants. Once you have learned your company’s compensation plan, the next step for you is to build your network. Usually, this is where the real challenge comes in – how a lone wolf can become the leader of the pack.

Come up with an official team name

Having a name will give you and your teammates a sense of belongingness, making the team feel more like a family than business partners. It also gives an impression that you are part of something bigger than yourself, which will inspire the whole team to do better and excel.

Keep communications open

The best way to keep in touch is to set weekly meetings so you can check on your teammates and know their struggles as well as achievements. You should also keep in mind that you cannot expect everyone in your team to dedicate their time as much as you do especially if they have a day job. Gently following up on their progress in the business will keep them interested and might even drive them to focus on the business full-time someday.

Using today’s social media platforms is a great way to maintain communication. Create a chat group to keep everyone updated, but be very considerate when posting content. This medium is can also be a great avenue to plan and strategise the team’s participation in major networking marketing events, like the V-Con, to learn more on how they can flourish on their business. Just remember to refrain from giving unsolicited advice, as you might come across as bossy or manipulative rather than helpful and caring.

Organise small gatherings

Bonds forged through the business can go beyond the work and becomes more fruitful if taken care of properly. Organising small parties or get-togethers will strengthen the value of team work, friendship among the team members, and how each one of you can succeed by trusting the system. This is also the perfect occasion to recognise and reward your team’s hard work while creating an environment of generosity and support. Having fun from time to time can’t hurt and this will help renew your team’s spirit to do the business.

Inspire and empower

Motivating your team members is good, but inspiring them is great. You may have good intentions to motivate them but they might find you too pushy or demanding. Instead, inspire them by setting an example; advance on your ranks and show them that with hard work, they, too, can achieve what you’ve achieved. This will also give them an opportunity to become creative in accomplishing their goals and commitments.

Be considerate

Every person has their own package of flaws and good qualities. It’s more advisable if you focus more on the latter, as we can’t expect everyone to understand what we’re thinking or what we want to happen. Always try to find the goodness in a person and genuinely care about them; give consistent positive feedback and coaching not only for those who are not performing well, but also to those who are on top of their game to show that you care about their success.

Since you’re working with different individuals with different personalities, conflicts are inevitable. Be watchful of the possible conflicts that may arise, and resolve them quickly. Most importantly, show that you’re willing to help whenever someone needs your assistance regarding the business. Just like how the saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


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