5 Ways to Have Fun in Your Network Marketing Business

Building your network marketing business can be a real challenge, not only for you but for your whole team. While the main purpose of a business is to earn money, having fun and enjoying it is as important as making it grow. This is where you’ll get your motivation and strength to push through and continue with your business; but what can we do to have fun while still working?

#1 Learn to laugh at yourself

Network marketing is a serious business, but you don’t have to be. Get some of your members, if not the whole team, to have a chat over the phone and talk about the funny things you have done in or outside the business. This will help light things up and make the weight of building a business easier to manage.

#2 Celebrate small successes

This will help you and your team members to feel that you’re actually accomplishing something and that your business is moving forward. Meeting a monthly goal or getting a rank advancement, hitting a milestone or sponsoring their first person – these are all worth-celebrating. A small brunch or dinner to celebrate will suffice while giving a big impact to your team members.

#3 Set up small competitions

A friendly competition is a healthy way of pushing your team members without demanding too much from them. This will also encourage them to go out of their comfort zone and exercise their network marketing skills. Just ensure you have realistic goals and mechanics where more than one can win. Remember to make it accessible to those who are doing the business part-time.

#4 Plan team building activities and get-togethers

Humans are naturally social creatures, and this kind of business flourishes through our social connections. Organising even a simple get-together will help you and your team to get to know each other better. You’ll also get to share ideas on how each of you can improve your marketing skills, which in turn benefits your business.

#5 Show appreciation for your team

Small tokens or inexpensive certificates that can be downloaded online have a bigger impact if given in line with appreciation of one’s efforts. Most people, whether they admit it or not, want to be recorgnised, especially if done publicly. Doing this for your team members will boost their morale, which will help them perform better in the business.


Network marketing doesn’t have to be too serious that there’s no more room for any enjoyment. In fact, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then you’re doing it wrong. This line of business is one of the best industries, as you can work on your own pace and in your own time without having to answer to anyone but yourself.  Maximise this opportunity and start to live your best life today.


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  1. Yaw says:

    I got introduced to this site by a friend and I enjoyed what I read. Kindly subscribe me if its free.

  2. andy says:

    Nice informative post and I think these five ways might help to Network marketing Leaders as well as network marketers. Network marketing leaders make strong bond with their team members.

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