Are You a Network Marketing Professional?

Network marketing is a great business that offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to make a living and enjoy plenty of success. Unfortunately, it is also one that is unfairly accused of being unreliable, unsustainable, and untrustworthy. Those of us who have been in the business for a long time know that these claims are unfounded and that the opposite is what’s true. But it isn’t enough that we simply know these.

In order to improve network marketing’s current reputation, we must become ambassadors of what the business truly stands for. We must pledge to be Network Marketing Professionals.

To become a Network Marketing Professional means you fulfill the following major criteria:

  1. You are knowledgeable of direct selling and network marketing industry facts and figures, which prove that the business is not only sustainable but also enriches economies.
  2. You fully understand which characteristics make an organisation a legitimate network marketing company, as opposed to pyramid schemes.
  3. You engage in practices which embody dedication, integrity and excellence, making you someone whom others would be driven to emulate.

In the next few weeks, this blog will delve into a more in-depth discussion of these factors in order to further equip you in staying true to your pledge. Through this, we can work together to shed more light onto the network marketing industry and encourage more people to embrace the opportunities it brings.

To start learning more about being a Network Marketing Professional, you can read up about it on the QNET blog.


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