To Be Happy, Stop Caring About These Five Things

1. What others think or say

This is especially important in Network Marketing and is something we tell network marketers right from the start. There will be a lot of naysayers around you, even among your loved ones, telling you that it will be impossible for you to find success in this business. Others will laugh at you for pursuing your goals. Listen to your own intuition instead and focus your attention on the people who truly know this business and can give you the proper guidance on how to be successful in it yourself.

2. The past and the future

As the saying goes, “The past does not exist, and neither does the future.” Focus on the present because this is what’s in your control. Focus on doing something NOW and quit looking back and stop obsessing about what isn’t here yet. This means you should stop caring about your past failures and stop worrying about the unfounded probability of you losing in the future. Just do and do and do right now.

3. Things that are out of your control

Speaking of control, sometimes, even after you’ve given your very best, things just don’t pan out the way you expect. Sometimes, you encounter sudden changes that derail your course of action. File these moments in your folder of “the past”, and follow the advice above – focus on what’s here now and just come up with a solution.

4. Unfounded fears

Life is all about overcoming your fears so you should stop being afraid to take risks. Once you’ve become open with taking calculated risks and see your previously feared failure as a welcome lesson, then you expand your opportunities for learning and eventual success. Sure, fear will always be a part of life, but what you do in the face of your fear makes all the difference.

5. Insignificant work

We often mistake being busy with being productive. We think that because we have occupied much of our time doing something, this is also contributing to our goals. But this is not always true, and people have a tendency of aimlessly performing tasks for the sake of looking like they’re working very hard. Remember that quality trumps quantity all the time, and being an efficient worker not only means you get to achieve more goals more quickly, it also means you get to enjoy so much more of life on plenty of free time. That’s one of the amazing benefits of being in the network marketing business, remember?

Happy Networking! 🙂


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