How to Beat Your Fear of Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business where everyone is given the opportunity to enjoy bountiful success. But just like in any legitimate business, this success requires plenty of hard work and a certain amount of sacrifice – this can be quite scary for some, especially if you take into account having to brave business presentations and facing rejection.

Of course, you shouldn’t let fear become a barrier between you and a brighter future. So what should you do?

Fear-inside-out copy

Understand that it all starts with you.

Fear is a deterring force that lives inside you, and only you can drive it out. First, accept that it is perfectly normal to have some fears about starting something new. What’s important is that you own up to your fear and make a pact to yourself that you WILL overcome it.

Surround yourself with positive influences.

Approach your upline about your uncertainties and have a chat with your successful peers. Ask them for advice about how to address your concerns and listen to their stories of how they overcame their own struggles when they were still starting out. Attend talks by respected leaders in your field and allow yourself to find inspiration in their words. Read up some more about the network marketing industry and educate yourself further about what it means and what it takes to succeed in this profession. There is truth in the saying, “Seeing is believing,” and network marketing has plenty to show.

Remember your ‘WHY’.

Remind yourself why you decided to enter the network marketing profession. Repeat it aloud to yourself if you have to: “I want to be my own boss and experience financial freedom.” “I want to raise myself to be fully capable of bringing the same opportunity to others.” Revisit your goals and visualise what your life will be like once you’ve achieved them through network marketing.

Start moving.

And allow yourself to fail. Start acting so you can open up opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them as early as possible. Once you’ve become accustomed to rising from the hurdles you face, you’ll gain more confidence to continue your journey.

Happy Networking! 🙂


Banner credit: The character ‘Fear’ from Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out”


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