8 Disgusting, Horrible Things That Happen Once You Start Network Marketing

So you’re thinking of venturing into network marketing. Or maybe you’ve just begun. Have you been made aware of what might happen to you once you’ve signed up for this business? Allow us to tell you all about it:

1. You suffer the grave loss of a permanent work place.


Once you’re in network marketing, you’ll have no use for a permanent office space. Work can happen anywhere you choose—at home, in another country, at the mall. You’ll have to bid the desk you have practically been living in for so many years goodbye, because soon network marketing will drive you away from that daily 9-to-5.

2. You receive the agonising burden of having to figure out WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR TIME.


Network marketers have very flexible working schedules. They work whenever they want and only for as long as they need. Because of this, they end up having too much time on their hands. They can spend as much time as they can with their family and friends and still have time exclusively for themselves. You’ll have to deal with deciding on a new hobby to add to your already growing list of hobbies. Maybe even sleep more than you’re used to.

3. You have to deal with the excruciating pain of figuring out what to do with your hard-earned money!


Network marketing, when done right, brings plenty of residual income. You’ll have money to buy that car you’ve been meaning to buy. You’ll have money for a new house. You’ll have money to put into further investments. And then what? You’ll have to update your wish list, only to immediately cross things out as you buy them! You’ll find yourself scratching your head just thinking about it.

4. You’ll have the unbearable urge to buy so many products.

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A good network marketing company provides good quality products—so good, you’ll have trouble resisting them. There’s no use fighting this urge either, because each purchase also reflects well on your performance and is highly beneficial to your business, making these products even more terribly irresistible.

5. Your brain will explode from so much development.


The network marketing industry values success beyond monetary rewards. When you find yourself in the clutches of a good network marketing company and a capable mentor, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a life of constant learning. From product knowledge to salesmanship and personality development and leadership trainings, there’s no escaping growth in this industry.

6. You will have to bear the responsibility of deciding for yourself and your own life. 

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As if the burden of extra time and better finances wasn’t enough—now, you have to deal with making decisions about your very life as well! Since network marketing has already made your 9-to-5 life unnecessary, you’ll have no choice but to focus on making your own dreams a reality.

7. Who you are and where you came from will soon mean nothing.


Did you come from an underprivileged background? Prepare to lose that. Success in network marketing tends to not care one bit about who you are or where you came from, and is concerned only about the hard work you willingly put into reaching your goals.

8. Your condition becomes highly contagious.


Everything you experience once you become a network marketing success can also happen to other people, especially the ones whom you come in contact with. Ever heard of RYTHM? It means Raising Yourself to Help Mankind, and that’s exactly what happens in network marketing. You become a success, you share your success, and more people enjoy their own success! Once you sign up for network marketing, it’s just an epidemic of richer lives waiting to happen.

You have been warned.


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