5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Network Marketing Conference

With #VCON15 just a few days away, the excitement of attending Independent Representatives is sure to be through the roof. This special event was designed to inspire, guide, teach, and push attendees closer to their goals, by providing them with an experience that would open up a world full of opportunities for growth, learning, and fellowship, which is unique to the QNET family.

But what can you as an attendee do to ensure that you get the most out of VCON this year? Here are a few tips on how to make your experience more fruitful and truly worthwhile.

#5: Equip your tablets and smartphones with useful apps

Years ago, people would go to conferences with their trusty pen and notebook, a business card holder, and maybe a tote bag for sticking flyers, session printouts, and other event paraphernalia into. Today, most of these things can be taken care of by having a mobile device in tow. Tablets and smartphones have become essential to everyday people’s lives, and their importance is not lost in special business events such as conferences, where smart devices allow people to take notes, pictures, and videos as the event goes along. Armed with them, participants are also able to enhance their experience by enabling them to connect, engage, and follow up throughout and after events.

Social Media Examiner has a list of the 10 most essential mobile apps you should have at a conference on their blog.

#4: Attend all the sessions

This year’s VCON will feature plenty of modular and motivational trainings that are sure to excite and engage everyone who will take part in them. There is going to be a lot of sharing and learning sessions plus exciting entertainment presentations! So once you see the event roster, decide in advance what you must do. To do this, you have to set your learning objectives and understand exactly why you want to attend this event—what do you hope to learn from it and who do you wish to connect with?

#3: Collect one key takeaway from each session

Go to each session with an open and ready mind. Then after each presentation, ask yourself what struck you the most and what you learned, which specific tip can you adapt to help your business, and which piece of advice resonated with you the strongest. Write that one key takeaway down so that you can go back to it for significant additional consideration when you return to the real world.

#2: Connect with the speakers and other attendees

Another valuable source of information and insight during conferences can be attained during conversations with other people. Lectures, talks, and panels provide great new ideas, but they are generally one-directional. Face-to-face conversations provide a more unique and personal experience where learning becomes more interactive and progressive.

You can either ask questions or hang around after the session to say hello to the speaker and tell them how you enjoyed their session (and if you are unable to, there’s always Twitter!), or you can also introduce yourself to your seatmates or table companions during meals and breaks, and strike up a conversation to find out more about them and what they think about the ideas presented during the event. This opens the door for you to flesh out your learning and add more to it, this time from similar-minded people from various backgrounds and experiences.

#1: Bring the experience back home with you

Upon returning home, go back to the notes you have taken during the conference, and commit yourself to reflect on and assess what you have learned. Review your key takeaways and follow-up on the items you had marked for further research. Create an action plan based on all of these. Reconnect with the friends you have made during the conference by adding them on your social network accounts and picking up where you have left off. And finally, share what you have learned with others to reinforce your own learning, provide your friends and colleagues with meaningful knowledge, and hopefully even encourage them to attend the next conference and pay it forward like you have as well.

Enjoy V-Malaysia 2015! 🙂

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