The Key to Network Marketing Success: Making Referrals

To be successful in a network marketing business, you need a strong network. In order to build a strong network, you need to develop the right people. In order to have the right people, you need to refer them to the business.

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Here are several key points about making referrals that you need to understand:

Referring the right people is a non-stop process.

You refer each time you share your products and business opportunity with any prospect. It is not a one-off thing you schedule every few weeks or so, then end after a single contact. Referring people to your business requires a process which you must learn and develop. This includes explaining to them the strength of your business model and the worth of your products, so that they may fully understand the value of joining you and promoting these to others.

And you don’t stop referring after having a couple of people on board. With every referral who successfully joins your business, more referrals will be made by these new people, and the process goes on and on.

Referring the right people increases your business productivity.

The more people you have in your network, the more people get to work to grow your business. This means more sales as your network continues to grow and a bigger opportunity to train people to refer and develop even more people who will produce even more sales.

Referring the right people has no boundaries.

Network marketing is an industry that does not discriminate. Anyone from any walk of life can find success here, which means the number of people you can refer to your network marketing business is pretty much limitless. Your network can just keep growing and growing, as will your residual income.

Referring the right people improves your personal growth.

When you talk to people in order to refer them to your business, you develop your interpersonal skills and learn more about yourself and what you can do. Building your network through referrals also brings you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and help others become successful as well.

Referring the right people is not the only skill you need.

You may have noticed how we repeatedly mention referring the “right people”. This is because a huge part of making successful referrals is your ability to determine which people are a good fit for the business. As we’ve covered, that right person can come from any walk of life, so you have to be particularly good at spotting who they are. Furthermore, apart from becoming very good at referring the right people to the business, it is also equally important to know how to train them to become as good as you are at performing the same tasks—from selling products to managing people and so much more—so that they may drive the business forward.

So start referring like a pro and allow your business to truly grow.  Happy networking! 🙂


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