3 Ways to Kick-Start a Game-Changing 2015

For most people, the New Year brings with it renewed hope—for improvement, for success, for change. Here are a few ways you can turn your 2015 into a real game-changer:

1. Have a moment of gratitude.

Image via huffingtonpost.com
Image via huffingtonpost.com

Place yourself in a positive mood at the beginning of the year by remembering the good things that happened last year and being thankful for them. Having this positivity from the past will help you look to a positive future and get you eager to start your New Year right.


2. Be specific with your resolutions and set achievable benchmarks for your goals.

Image via naldzgraphics.net
Image via naldzgraphics.net

Probably the most popular New Year tradition is listing down resolutions for a better self and a better life. Oftentimes, though, people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions throughout the year. This could be due to a lack of understanding for the level of commitment it takes to reach a particular goal or simply being unable to clearly define what those goals are.

So, this year, instead of just saying you will “get in shape”, determine first whether you want to build some muscle or lose excess fat, and if you plan on altering your diet a certain way for this or go for a particular fitness activity or both. Then break down your specific goals to manageable bits, such as losing 2.5 pounds per month in order to lose 30 pounds by December.

Doing this will make your resolutions far less intimidating and will keep you guided on your journey, especially in working hard to achieve your network marketing goals.


3. Make happiness your priority goal.

Image via deliveringhappiness.com
Image via deliveringhappiness.com

Every resolution should have a purpose and each purpose should be about bringing more happiness to yourself and your loved ones in the long run. By keeping this in mind, not only will you be more encouraged to keep your resolutions, you also set up an even brighter New Year for yourself after this one.


Happy New Year! 🙂


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