The Power of Education in Network Marketing Success

One of the great things about network marketing is how it gives even those who do not have a degree a real shot at success. But even if you do not need a diploma to enter network marketing, to truly succeed in this business, it is important to engage in continuous learning.

That’s where another great thing about network marketing comes in. Network marketing companies, in understanding the vital role of education in developing successful entrepreneurs, make it a point to create an environment that fosters learning.  From personality development and relationship building, to financial wisdom and how to live a healthy and worthy lifestyle, these companies are invested in forming well-rounded, empowered networkers.

One such company is QNET, a network marketing leader that has been growing globally for over 16 years.  QNET is very involved in ensuring that their independent representatives (IRs) gain wealth, not only financially, but more importantly in terms of their skills as entrepreneurs who raise themselves in order to help others achieve success as well.



A successful IR is one who looks to his or her upline for mentorship, and acts as a mentor to his or her own downlines. QNET IRs are encouraged to empower themselves by helping each other duplicate their success through this method of mentorship, following the company’s principle of RYTHM (Raising Yourself To Help Mankind).

Offline Trainings


QNET offers offline trainings through networking seminar series, and product trainings. There is also VCON and ReVCon, annual network marketing conventions that bring IRs from all over the world together in celebration of network marketing success.

Online Trainings

QNET provides webinars on compensation plan, online product trainings, and eLearning courses through Swiss eLearning Institute.

Swiss eLearning Institute

elearning swiss

The Swiss eLearning Institute (SELI) offers a range of online courses created by globally renowned academics, scientists and field professionals from Switzerland’s leading online university, SMC University. Swiss eLearning Institute courses use a web-based learning portal to deliver course material in a format specifically suited to people with a busy schedule and a dynamic lifestyle.

SELI courses that will highly benefit QNET IRs include the following:

  • eCommerce, where they will learn how to use the Internet to maximise their business.
  • Entrepreneurship, which provides insight into proven business strategies and allow students to channel their passion and creativity in the right direction to achieve entrepreneurial goals.
  • Performance Management, which will allow them to understand the aims of performance management and identify the standards of performance and to conduct the reviews of performance, so that they may not only successfully and efficiently manage their network to enhance their business, but also help themselves manage their own performance, set goals and meet these in an organised and systematic matter.
  • Business English, where they will learn to express themselves and their ideas in the internationally recognised business language to maximise their business opportunities.
  • Presentation and Communication Skills, where they will gain a mastery of interpersonal communication for successful business interactions.
  • The Art of Management, where IRs will learn about risk management, personnel management, strategic management concepts, financial management, and operations management, with a strong emphasis on building and strengthening students’ potential with winning concepts and strategies which they could immediately apply to everyday entrepreneurial life.

By enrolling in these courses and promoting these courses to their prospects, IRs not only advance their education and improve themselves, they get to earn in the process as well.

A recent article on Business Insider breaks down how successful wealthy people say they made their money. Of this list, hard work ranks first, followed immediately by education. From this, we learn that people who succeed place a high priority on constantly improving their knowledge, skills, and experience. As the famous saying goes, Knowledge is Power. So invest in education and be on the right path to great success!




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    1. Glad you liked it, Manu. Thank you!

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