Ways to Find New Customers Online

Image via ageofthecustomer.com
Image via ageofthecustomer.com

With the vast popularity of the Internet and more and more people being connected online, a network marketer’s opportunity for business growth is virtually limitless. But, with so many people present online, how do you know which ones are suitable prospects for your business? And how do you begin establishing a relationship with them?

Be present and active in your social networks and online groups.

Just like in real life, where you can’t get clients by sitting around and keeping quiet, you need to actively engage people online to get them interested in what you have to say and offer as well. Engage your online contacts by asking questions, commenting and contributing ideas on their posts, and sharing valuable content on your page. Find an interest group that suits your business and do the same there and befriend the members.

These groups are great because you find like-minded individuals who can join forces, network with each other, make referrals, and provide support. A good place to start is a group of work-at-home mums in your area, or a fan group for motivational speakers and business experts such as Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson.

Local groups are especially effective because you can follow through in real life so you can continue building the relationship.

Follow and interact with industry leaders.

If you don’t already know who they are, make a point to find out by asking your upline about it or referring to the company website and other direct selling sites. Follow those who contribute good content regularly, ask them questions, share their posts, and use this method as an important learning tool in growing your business and attracting the interest of your potential prospects.


Start your own network marketing blog using a free web publishing service such as WordPress or Blogspot. Express yourself and your insights about the industry and talk about your and your friends’ success stories. You can also offer your blogging services to the company website and other industry sites. You receive not only recognition for your work but also increase and strengthen your presence online.

Take advantage of online tools made available to you.

There are plenty of resources out there about tools you can use to make your online prospecting more effective. Learn how to use different social media platforms to connect with the right audience and the most effective ways to communicate with your targets. Furthermore, the best network marketing companies make it a point to develop tools specifically to help their representatives in their business. Use these to your advantage.   

Happy Networking! 🙂


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