How to Be More Persuasive


K.I.S.S. Your Prospects

Keep It Straightforward and Simple! Presenting your case succinctly and with clarity helps people stay focused on your message and feel more confident in your opinion. It also helps you avoid falling into the filler pit—that’d be the “ums” and “you knows” when delivering spiels.

Third Time’s the Charm

A 2013 study by researchers at Georgetown University and the University of California, Los Angeles found that making three positive claims was optimal when trying to persuade someone else. After three claims, people tend to be more skeptical. Less than that and you’ll still fall short.

Help Them Imagine

Paint a vivid picture in the person’s mind of the pleasure they will experience if they do— or the pain if they don’t—what you are trying to convince them to do. Ask your prospect about their needs and ask them to visualise a future where the need has been met or the problem solved, and then connect this solution with your business opportunity.

Stress Their Loss

According to Steve Martin, author of the bestselling book Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, we are more persuaded by the thought of losing something than the thought of gaining. In addition to letting your prospect visualise the positive feelings of achieving their goals by taking action on your offer, allow them also to visualise how refusing to take action could lead to an undesirable future.

Look the Part

Dress to impress and smile often to exude a confidence and warmth that appeals to others. Let your three A’s—Appearance, Ability, and Attitude—attract a favourable impression. You want your prospect to see how the opportunity you’re presenting will bring them financial freedom. The way you present yourself when you meet them should reflect that you are financially free.

Don’t Cover Up Weaknesses

The network marketing industry is rife with criticisms from people who do not understand it. There is little point in actively avoiding this in your conversations with your prospects because chances are they have already heard a lot about it. Instead, let it be brought up and address the issues accordingly.

Be Funny

Laughter is not just the best medicine; it also works wonders for persuasion. If you can get a person to laugh with you, they like you better, and this makes them more open to your ideas. People generally laugh at things when, for one reason or another, they identify with them, so a person laughing at a particular point you make says they acknowledge it as true.






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