How to Be a Great Seller

“Great salespeople are the engine of every economy in the world,” says sales expert Grant Cardone. There’s really no other way to do sales apart from striving to be the best at it as you can be. And how do you that? Here are some things to remember on your way to becoming a great seller…

Be specific about targeting people.


Listing every single person on earth as your target market is pointless and will not do much beyond exhaust you. Before going out to sell a particular product, you have to do some thorough prospecting and determine which people would find great value in your offer. This will help you plan your sales approach better and activate your strategy in landing a sale more smoothly.

Go beyond making sales and focus on building a business.


This is what network marketing is about. Great sellers go beyond making product sales and embrace the opportunity to create a team, grow a business, and run things the way they see fit in order to truly earn as much as they can manage.

You have to be fanatical about selling.


You know what they say about success being about loving what you do? That applies to selling, too. If what you want is to be a great seller, you have to really, really love selling and be more than willing to give your utmost dedication to building your business.

Sell value instead of price.


According to Tessa Stowe, the common trap that you don’t want to fall into is to start selling your products and services from the very first conversation with your prospect. What you should do instead is to forget about selling and trying to get your prospect to buy your products and services, and just try first to understand their needs and determine how you can help them. Through this, you will be able to create a value for your product that is relevant to your customer.

Understand that it’s all about your customer.

all about meSource:

Have your prospect tell you the value of your product instead of you telling them about it. If you tell your prospect about the value you offer, they may or may not see this as anything of interest. However if you ask the right questions so your prospect tells you the value of solving their problem, they will then see this value as relevant to them.

Always deliver more than you promised.


“Not just a string, but a SPARKLE string!”

Never give up on unsold clients.

dont give upSource:

Someday, those clients will understand the value of your offer and buy from you.

Build your business one customer at a time and leverage your last customer into more customers. 


You give a referral! You give a referral! EVERYBODY GIVES REFERRALS!

Explore new ways to improve yourself.


Great sellers are always finding ways to improve themselves and help others in their network do the same. Invest in education, attend conferences, and surround yourself with people who inspire you and could act as your mentors.







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