10 Nelson Mandela Quotes Every Networker Should Know

Here are our 10 favourite Nelson Mandela inspiring quotes that remind us of his wisdom, leadership, selflessness and never-give-up attitude.

We hope that his wisdom will inspire you too.

1. Never get defeated before you fight. Nothing is impossible.

Nothing is impossible.

2. Face your fears and eat them for breakfast.

Face your fears.

3. Love and care are the underlying components of leadership.

Love and care

4. Always do the right thing. Do everything in ways where you can hold your head up high.

Do the right thing.

5. The ultimate combo.

The ultimate combo

6. Never settle for less.

Don't settle for less.

7. Equip your team with skills and knowledge to rise higher.

Skills and knowledge

8. When there is a will, there is a way.

If there's a will, there's a way.

9. There is no mountain high enough if you want to go to the other side badly enough.

No mountain high enough

10. Be proactive in developing yourself; sharpen your tools; never expect things to just be handed to you.

Develop yourself.

Has any of the above quotes given you inspiration and motivation on a challenging day? Share your story with us.



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