Network Marketing: An Instrument of Equality

Gender equality, apart from being a fundamental human right, is an indispensable tool for advancing development across the globe. Underscored as one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, gender equality is seen as a key to eradicating poverty, providing universal education, improving maternal health and reducing child mortality, combatting fatal diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, and strengthening the global partnership for development.

Over the years, gender inequalities have lessened significantly in many aspects of life but have remained deeply rooted in others. Most countries continue to suffer from lack of female participation in politics and economic pursuits.

But in Rwanda, where past events have driven women to lead the nation out of necessity (of the survivors of the 1994 genocide, 70% were women), the opposite is true. Last year saw 64% of the seats in parliament occupied by female members, the highest level of female representation in any country, and this continuous record has led to gender equality and women’s rights helping raise the population from poverty.

“Rwanda is a nation that understands the financial benefits of gender equality,” notes a writer for the World Economic Forum.

It is no surprise, then, that Rwanda is also one of the countries where network marketing is growing very rapidly. The entrepreneurial spirit of Rwandans has impressed many people and has turned the country into one of the best avenues for network marketing success. Having recently set up office in Rwanda, QNET is currently one of the businesses bringing bigger opportunities to Africans, especially African women, in the country and across the region every day.

With the growing success of gender equality in a developing country like Rwanda, there is a greater hope that the same would soon be seen throughout the world. And QNET strives to be an instrument of this goal. After all, as early as 2006, women have surpassed men in the sales profession, and numerous articles about women and network marketing being a perfect match are regularly published. The evidence is just everywhere!

QNET’s Executive Chairperson, Ms Donna Imson-Lecaroz even recently spoke about how much network marketing will help women achieve economic freedom in the 21st century. Named one of the Greatest Networkers in the World, Ms Donna is a testament to how the industry empowers women to become successful and enables them to help others achieve the same triumphs.

An industry wherein there is no room for discrimination, network marketing—like empowered women—helps eradicate inequality not only in terms of gender but across many other fronts as well.






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