5 Ways to Thank Mom

Today is Mother’s Day and we think it’s safe to say that this is one big special event. This blog salutes mothers for being our first teachers and role models for what it’s like to be truly successful in life.

For a woman who is so magnanimous and special, it takes pretty simple acts to make a mother happy. So, of course, something extra special could go a very long way. And why wouldn’t you want to give the very first special lady in your life just that? Here are some ways you can show your mom how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day:

Image: Hellogiggles.com
Image: Hellogiggles.com
  1. Take her on a trip. To a nice beach, to the spa—somewhere where she can take her mind off the daily grind and just be herself. Make it an opportunity to have a cheerful heart-to-heart as well. The relaxing atmosphere is sure to bring on the perfect feel for catching up.
  1. Join her in an activity. Is there an activity that your mom has wanted to try out for a while now? Or maybe something she had wanted to do when she was younger but couldn’t because of motherly circumstances? Why don’t you give her this chance to do that very thing and make it a bonding experience as well!
  1. Hand her a handwritten letter. Nothing says love like a letter which she can reread again and again as she pleases. Write it the old-fashioned way and be specific with what you thank her for, to make it more personal and more memorable.
  1. Make her a box of memories. It could be a literal box filled with significant objects from your time together, or an album of cute nostalgic photographs, or even a video that shows how the love you shared through the years. Bring out those happy tears in her eyes as you let her know how much each moment with her means to you.
  1. Prepare a healthy basket for her. You love your mom and part of this is caring for her wellbeing. So fill up a basket with gifts that promote health and wellness and hand it to her, along with a short (or make it long if you want!) heartfelt note to let her know how much she matters.

Happy Mothers’ Day!


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