4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Network Marketing Event

#VCON14 is just a couple of weeks away. Are you excited to be there?  V-Con is a very special event where attendees are driven to ARISE, AWAKE, and ACHIEVE, not only in order to succeed in the network marketing business but as a means to raise themselves and their communities.



How do you go even bigger, stronger, and better in getting the best you can out of this event? We wrote a list about this last year, but here are four ways you can prep up and ensure you’re all set to do all that before you head there:

  1. Establish the right mindset. Remember that you are attending a network marketing event and that your purpose there is to gain new lessons from well-respected people in the industry and let them open the door to more opportunities for you to grow. Focus on these goals so they can guide your intentions accordingly during the event.
  1. Know what to expect. Do your research. Familiarise yourself with the event theme, check out the venue online, and watch the videos of past V-Cons in QNET’s Youtube Channel. Doing this helps you with item #1 by giving you a chance to assess what you can gain and potentially offer at the event.
  1. Get set to make a good impression. Last week, we talked about how success is highly influenced by how other people perceive you. Before heading to the event, prepare a spiel you could use when introducing yourself to fellow networkers and a separate one, plus a set of questions, to help you connect with the speakers. Wear your team colours or uniform or just something that is comfortable but presentable. Speak pleasantly as that will make you memorable to those you interact with.
  1. Do not forget your business cards! Networkers are in the business of making connections, so make sure you have business cards at hand during the event. The people you meet at network marketing events could be some of your best connections, so set out to build genuine ones by engaging the people you meet in fruitful conversations. Treat your business card like a credit card—hand it over by connection, not by mere sight.

 Enjoy V-Malaysia 2014!


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