5 Creative Ways to Network


Network marketing is first and foremost all about, well, networking. Being able to successfully sign up a referral is one of the foundations of any network marketing business after all. But there comes a time where you might feel that you’ve already exhausted your available resources and find yourself in a bit of a dead-end. Well, don’t think of it that way, because there are actually plenty of other ways for you to continue expanding your network. Here are a few:

1. Engage in a new social activity. You may have a new activity you’ve been wanting to try out, or a new skill you’ve been meaning to learn for a while now. So why not give it a go? Reinvent the meet-and-mingle and pick an activity, or host your own event, where you can meet fellow professionals also taking their time to unwind. People in a relaxed, social setting are usually more open to conversations, which makes these activities perfect for making new connections.

2. Volunteer for a cause. Give some of your time to where your heart is. Sign up for a charity event or help out at the local shelter. It is a great way to meet like-minded individuals whose teamwork skills you can get a good grasp of while participating with them in your chosen volunteer project. Plus, you get to do some good in the world. And that’s always a wonderful thing in itself.

3. Be “in” with the in-crowd. Get into the hotspots in your city or join reputable network marketing events. Place yourself next to other people in your field and increase your chances of networking success. At the very least, these are good ways to pick up new ideas on how to connect with more people. And with enough effort, you’d be able to apply these ideas and land yourself some excellent connections and very able referrals as well.

4. Collaborate with another networker. Being in the network marketing business never has to function in a “me-vs-you” environment. When you’re in a rut with how to seal in a particular deal, a quick phone-a-friend with a fellow networker might just bring you the assistance you need. Since the network marketing industry is composed of very diverse individuals, a fresh set of eyes or a different means to handle tough challenges might just do the trick. With a clear delineation and understanding of whose client you are ultimately dealing with, we can all become providers of better knowledge for others to succeed.

5. Reconnect with your past. At your high school and college reunions, after reminiscing about the good old days with your former classmates, ask everyone about their careers and talk about yours. Your old seatmate in Algebra class might just become your next referral.

What are other ways for you to network? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Networking!


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    I strongly agree

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    Better qnet bussinces

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