Outpace Attrition and Retain the Growth of Success


Attrition in the network marketing industry has been an issue long enough for people to think of it as normal and to be expected. It is seen as natural for the number of one’s downlines to decrease over time. The common solution for this has been to continue referring and referring more and more people in order to make up for the increasing number of those who have defected, but this strategy, which includes having to constantly train a new set of people and build business relationships from scratch, takes so much more effort and time than the alternative – which is ensuring your downlines continue performing and choose to stay.

Here are a few tips on how you can outpace and reverse attrition:

Understand that attrition is most often the byproduct of lack of motivation. And lack of motivation is the byproduct of not being empowered with the right skills required to be successful in the business. What should be done to remedy this then?

Ensure a constant presence in your downline’s career. Remember that you are a leader to your downline and being a leader means you must be ready to encourage them to do their best by providing them with sufficient training and reminding them of why they are in this business in the first place. When the going gets tough and your team member feels like quitting, you need to sit down with them and have them recall their goals and dreams, so they will be encouraged to work through the challenges they are facing. And once you have put their spirits back in the game, you have to make sure that they then get back to producing concrete results. And how do you come to these results?

Develop a good system. Your presence in your downline’s career involves you being a motivational leader to them as explored above, a tactical educator who equips them with skills required to thrive in the industry, and a power coach who constantly reminds them to work, work, work and meet tangible goals. Create a game plan based on specific steps that you, your company or your upline has in place, set a timeline for them to work with, and get them started on the road to network marketing success. Because one of the strongest keys to retention and outpacing attrition can be found in this final tip.

Make good UPLINES out of your downlines. Now that you’ve established yourself as an able leader, you must turn yourself into an amazing one. Remember that you are a leader not because you are here as your downlines’ “boss” but because you are an entrepreneur building a strong network of fellow business leaders. So, yes, make more leaders in your network, so that they may in turn provide proper guidance to their own referrals and then turn them into effective leaders as well, thereby aiding their – and your – continuous success.


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