The Heart of Nature

People who love to go outside and experience nature firsthand do so in order to, among other things, relax and be inspired. There are plenty of benefits both children and adults can gain from communing with nature, from helping us take care of our health (Women’s Health Magazine asks if  you are getting enough “Vitamin N“ and this article from delves further into the topic)—physically and mentally—to providing us with deep soulful experiences that help us understand ourselves better.

Others take these benefits, and use them to fuel their creativity and productivity. Artists of different expertise, from all across the world and throughout centuries have used nature either as subjects of or inspiration for their works. Datin Umayal Eswaran is a travel enthusiast and big nature-lover. This has driven her to put together a jewellery collection that would “reflect nature in all its splendour”.

Umayal Collection

The Umayal Collection celebrates nature combined with Datin Umayal’s appreciation for the fine things in life, and showcases simple but elegantly designed jewellery which add a distinctive touch to the wearer’s sense of style. And get this: a portion of the proceeds from this collection goes to RYTHM Foundation, an organisation which aims to help mankind by developing the welfare of children and less fortunate members of society and, yes, caring for nature.



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