8 Ways to Spread Positivity

It is no secret that a positive attitude brings far better results than the opposite. And while developing a positive mindset plays a key role in achieving personal success, it is equally important to share this energy with others so they can also raise themselves higher with you. Here are some ways you can do just that:

Image: www.bubbyandbean.com
Image: http://www.bubbyandbean.com

1.       Smile often. A smile can brighten up anyone’s day. Smiling is just as contagious as, say, yawning. And even if you don’t really feel like doing so, plastering a smile on your face for roughly 30 seconds could do wonders for your own mood, turning said smile into a more genuine one that could do wonders for other people’s moods. Try it out!

2.       Give a genuine compliment every chance you get. When someone provides you with good service, says something smart, wears something you like, or cooks you a good meal, tell them how much you appreciate these very things. Give a compliment that is genuine, something that you really feel merits voicing out, in order to avoid sounding insincere. Try to find something nice which is a bit unexpected and that is important to the person, and make a positive comment about that.

3.       Save the “lemon” for later and put things into perspective. When something is bothering you, don’t obsess over it and let your worry spill over into your conversations. Set it aside for a while so you can avoid wallowing over it to the point that it grows into a much bigger problem that it is and avoid allowing the negative energy to affect others and disrupt your productivity. Get back to it only when it does not affect your emotions too much anymore, and put things into better perspective so that you would able to commit a more objective focus on promoting a solution.

4.       Ask questions and listen intently. Having someone express genuine interest in you feels great, especially if that person has a knack for asking really good questions and listens to your answers with the utmost attention. Do the same with others – ask people about themselves, their ideas, hope and dreams, and listen as though they’re the only person in the world during that moment. It will make them feel like a million dollars, and you are bound to learn some amazing things about them.

5.       Play uplifting music. It is often said that music is food for the soul, and research has shown that listening to or making music can be truly therapeutic. You can also take the extra special step and find out what type of music the people around you loves best then play that for them.

6.       Give hugs. Hugs have been proven to increase levels of oxytocin, the “love hormone,” and create deeper connections between humans. Holding a hug for an extended time also increases serotonin levels, elevating moods with them. The positive effects are backed by science, and there are plenty of reasons why they can help brighten a person’s day, so hug your friends today!

7.       Lighten up the situation with tasteful humour. Humour is a potent stress buster and can break through tension barriers, putting people at ease. It helps build trust and make others more comfortable about approaching you. It also provides a way for people to come together, and boost morale and productivity.

8.       Offer some encouragement or help someone out in a practical way. Enough people go around raining on other people’s parades. Be an exemption and encourage others to believe in themselves and do what they want to do instead. And while you’re at it, offer someone a practical solution to a problem they are facing if you could.  Lend them a hand when they are moving, or offer to drive them to an interview or event, help them find information online or by asking other people you know. This is a great thing to do for people you know, and also something which you can perform as a random act of kindness—it’s always nice when someone you don’t even know does something kind for you, be it as simple as holding up the door or pointing out the right directions to where they need to go.

What are other ways you can spread positivity around you? Tell us in the comments and help us spread the love!



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  1. Imtiyaz Ahmed says:

    many a times a small gift or giveaway will boost the relations

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