Do You Have a Mindset for Success?

Success begins with having the right mindset to jumpstart your journey and to keep you going until you reach your goals. But how do you know if your mindset is on the right track?You may be equipped with the skills and smarts to solve any problem and tackle the most challenging tasks, but in order to go beyond simple accomplishment and deliver constant, optimum results you first need to go beyond what you are capable of and the support others can give you to drive you to where you should be—and focus on developing something deeper within. Here are eight powerful mindsets that highly successful people live by, each of which emphasises how thinking forward cultivates an attitude that will align your actions with the goals you set out to achieve.

Along with these, in order to be able to keep pushing towards success, one must also learn to rid themselves of the crippling fear… of failure. According to Stanford University professor and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck, one of the biggest factors that hinder people from reaching their full potential is when they allow themselves to fall into a fixed mindset. They may begin as straight A students and even become class president, but the moment they let all this hype get to their heads too early, it leads to a fear of making mistakes and tarnishing their image, and thus, they are unable to venture out of their comfort zones and take risks and further discover what they are capable of. This is why it is very crucial that we shift into and always maintain a growth mindset instead. This enables people to focus on the process which they need to engage in to bring about success, and see failures as a means to learn and do better next time.

Finally, apart from thinking towards success, we must also learn to visualise it. And according to QNET chairperson Ms. Donna Imson, visualising success is not simply about hoping, wishing, dreaming, or aspiring for success. The real secret to achieving that success is to expect your success. So think differently, think big, think continuously of growth, and see yourself already there, reaching your goal. That is how you triumph with the mindset of a successful person.



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