The ABCs of Direct Selling


Direct selling is one person selling a product or service directly to Another person.

In direct selling, you do not need to rent space in the mall or put up shop to showcase your products and services. A direct seller simply brings the products to the consumer, and can either sell it one-on-one or to a group by personally explaining what the product is and demonstrating how it works.

Direct selling is about Building your own business.

Direct selling goes beyond making product sales. Sometimes a direct seller encounters a client who, apart from wanting to purchase a product, is interested in selling as well. This gives direct sellers the opportunity to create a team and build their own business, like it is being done in one type of direct selling, network marketing. This is possible because direct sellers do not simply work for a company—they represent it. This means they get to decide how to do their business; whether they do the job full-time or part time, work from an office or at home, sell the products on their own or build a team is all up to them.

Direct selling follows a written Code of ethics.

Legitimate direct selling and network marketing companies are accredited by the direct selling association in each country where they operate. They are governed by a set of laws to ensure that their products and services are safe for consumers to use and their representatives are protected from being unjustly treated.

Direct selling is a Distinguished industry.

Well-respected leading entrepreneurs like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have a high regard for the direct sales business. It is an industry that is founded on hard work and determination, and has been a pillar for success for a very long time. This is because success in direct selling does not simply come from the products or services being sold—it is from the business skills that are developed in direct sellers in partnership with the company they choose to represent. Therefore, it is a treasure which could last throughout a person’s lifetime.

Direct selling is an Excellent opportunity.

In direct selling, you are given the freedom to define success on your own terms. You are given independence by being allowed to run your business the way you see fit and really earn as much as you can manage. Built on a system of trust and, again, working with integrity, direct selling—if you choose to make it your path—is waking up in the morning (or whatever point of the day you feel like doing so) excited about what you have to do and falling asleep knowing that you did the best of what you wanted to do. Best of all, this opportunity does not discriminate. Anyone can a direct seller if they really want to be.


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