Small Talk Your Way to Success!


Being a network marketer entails having to converse with a lot people on a regular basis. To expand your network and grow your income, you have to constantly look for prospects, spend time with them, talk to them about your business and be able to convince them to join you in it.

But engaging in conversations is easier said than done. Plenty of people have a difficult time socializing during events, and between having to initiate connections and maintaining fruitful discussions, it can sometimes seem to be too much work. Add being in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar faces to this mixture, and things can get terribly uncomfortable. Luckily, there are ways to cope with the pressure and learn how to manage being in these situations.

The Daily Muse provides 4 Steps in Surviving an Awkward Network Marketing Conversation on their blog and the first step, starting with standard network marketing questions, is a simple enough pointer to remember. It is also quite vital in keeping your exchanges under control as it reminds you what you are at the event for, and gives you and your conversation partner a steady common ground to start with and come back to throughout your discussion. The rest are pretty easy to follow as well, and should be able to get you through socializing in network marketing events, whether you are only starting to put yourself out there or have already been exposed to events long enough to have developed your own confidence in social engagement.

Happy Networking! 🙂



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  1. ahmad shamali says:

    Thanks gays .. Thanks upline majdi

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