Be Inspired to Inspire

One of the best things about V-CON is that attendees are able to pick up really important lessons from people who are well-respected in the industry, lessons they can apply to themselves and which can inspire them to perform to the best of their abilities. These people started out just like everyone and grew into the business with hard work, perseverance, and a quest towards freedom and excellence. Every year, thousands of people fly out to attend this special event in order to see and listen to the V Ambassadors and other notable speakers that have become mentors to them.

Mentors play a very important role in our lives. They teach us the tricks of the trade, and guide us towards the path to future success. Good mentors do not simply tell us what to do; they lead by example and inspire us to do well on our own. The mark of an effective mentor lies in how his or her students use what they learn from him or her outside of the classroom, or in our case, the conference hall. Because in the long run, it isn’t about acquiring knowledge but developing character and being able to transform what we learned into wisdom gained through personal experience.

Furthermore, when we become inspired by the right mentors, we are able to eventually become great mentors to and inspire others as well. In the network marketing industry, this fits very nicely with the role of a good Independent Representative. If you go back to our pre V-CON post on How to Get the Most out of a Network Marketing Conference, #1 says that you should bring your experience back home with you. Take what you have learned from your mentors at V-Malaysia 2013 and share these lessons with your team. The best result of being inspired is being able to inspire. And the best way to keep growing is by inspiring others to grow with you.



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