The Benefits of Repeat Sales in Network Marketing


Open a marketing book and you will find out about different types of customers and how to reach out to them. Of these customers, it is the loyal customers whom we are told to take extra special care. It is also a marketer’s aim to convert the other types of customers into loyal ones. Such is also true with network marketing, where relationship marketing is key to building a community of customers and distributors, and repeat sales are a constant driving force for continuous profit.

In QNET, repeat purchases earn Repeat Sales Points or RSPs. These RSPs are convertible into either cash or business volumes (BVs), and can be acquired by purchasing or having retail customers and direct referrals purchase products via the Repeat eStore. Purchasing repeat products is very simple and hassle-free this way; you simply choose your subscription plan and you’re all set. And as an active IR, you get to not only enjoy the benefits of quality products but also gain RSPs and be able to share these with your direct referrer and uplines. The same thing applies when your referrals of up to three levels down or their retail customers purchase repeat products!

But how do you drive your downlines into repeat sales? We go back to the very essence of network marketing: relationship marketing. Relationship Marketing is a strategy designed to develop a profitable long-term connection with your customers by establishing open communication with them to understand their wants and needs, and be able to provide them with information that will drive them to products and services suited to these. Basically, learn about and understand the products which you are selling, believe in what they have to offer and be passionate about why others should also embrace them. Then find customers who can understand these and see a genuine need for each product, and build a relationship—then establish a partnership—with them.

Learn how to distinguish customers who have loyalty potential from prospects who are either only one-time buyers or are simply not interested enough because the product is not suited for them. It is true that in direct sales, having a wide network is considered the ideal. But simply having plenty of customers is not enough. You have to form a network where each person is just as passionate about the products and just as driven about selling them as you are. Because with a network community who displays customer loyalty and generates repeat sales, you will be able to truly enjoy how profitable network marketing could be.


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  1. raju says:

    how to join in this group

  2. nice information about repeat sales in network marketing,In repeat sale we not only enjoy the benefits of quality products but also gain RSPs and be able to share these with direct referrer and up-lines that is a nice thing..

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