Ownership is a fairly simple concept to understand in terms of property. You purchase something or have something expressly given to you, and that something becomes your own. When it comes to more abstract concepts like decisions and responsibilities, however, owning up becomes a little harder to grasp. What others fail to realize is that ownership of these very things is the first step to owning success.

Source: www.jakeoliveronline.com
Source: http://www.jakeoliveronline.com

When we take ownership of the challenges handed to us, we also enable ourselves to finish the job as efficiently and completely as possible. Ensuring that you partake in every step of the process that your project should undergo—by assisting the team involved or monitoring progress—you also ensure that everything is done right. In network marketing, this means taking accountability for your team. It’s about building and expanding your network by providing able management and support. It is not enough to simply refer them to the business then stop and just allow your downlines to sort themselves out. You must be willing to train them on how they can be more effective independent sales representatives and empower them into further developing their own skills. Remember that these people are your very own team and you are responsible for guaranteeing their best performance because when they prosper, you prosper.

Furthermore, ownership also boosts self-esteem and permits us to live our lives the way we want. By owning our responsibilities, decisions and actions, we are able to take better control of what happens to us and find better ways to be the best of ourselves. And when our very own efforts bear fruit? We also get to own that very feeling that comes with the achievement. This blog post by Henrik Edberg expounds on these timeless thoughts about owning responsibility for our lives.


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