5 Ways to Raise the Bar Higher in 2013 | #1

#1 – Refer more people!

Photo: Samdiener.Com
Photo: Samdiener.Com

The ultimate way to be successful in network marketing is to be relentless in referring people to join the business or buy products repeatedly. Go for like-minded prospects, i.e. those who understand the benefits of your products and those open to the idea and ready to start their own business and not those who are not ready to listen, not because they won’t understand but, because they are basically less receptive to hearing about the opportunities.  According to QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson, ‘Refer’ is the first of three vital behaviours for success in network marketing. Know more about it here!

You should know and understand your potential customers in the right target market to be able to come up with an approach that’s apropos and yields desired results.  How do you define your target market? How do you choose your most ideal prospects? You’ll pick up the answers to these questions and more if you’ll read this richly informative blog post entitled Are You Going After the Wrong Prospects? How to Find People Who Are the Perfect Fit For Your Business.

Remember, it’s not enough that you refer people into the business. Being the sponsor, it’s a must that you duplicate yourself by supporting your new downlines in getting a FAST Start in the business. This way, their belief in the company and the business is heightened and their trust in you as their network leader is strengthened. Give them the proper mentoring that they deserve to encourage them to do the business full time, expand their network, mentor more people and create more business leaders.  Attrition is then kept at bay and the possibilities become endless.

Happy Networking! 🙂


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