5 Ways to Raise the Bar Higher in 2013 | #2

#2 – Attend more trainings!

QNET IRs in Almaty City, Kazakhstan enjoying a training
QNET IRs in Almaty City, Kazakhstan enjoying a training

Truth – Network Marketing rockstars are made, not born.  The tremendous success that they so enjoy now is the product of years and years of studying the business, doing the business and learning more about the business.

Network Marketing trainings are basically personal development trainings. These trainings, either done live or through webinars, don’t only strengthen your product knowledge and give you tips on improving your marketing and selling skills, they also give you pointers on how to do the business right. You learn the tricks of the trade by opening up and listening intently to the shared experiences and insights of your sponsors or uplines and the informed teachings of our industry leaders. You get to learn the best ways to build your business, expand your network and put the bells and whistles in place. In the process, you get a higher level of self-assurance, improved self-confidence and great social skills.

Attending a Network Marketing training is a mix of partying and learning. You don’t only get to meet, interact and socialize with your peers in the profession, you actually get to take home bits and pieces of knowledge and wisdom from their individual stories – essentials that, by sharing with your downlines and practicing them collectively, will definitely bring in prosperity to everyone in your network.

Never get tired of attending trainings! The more trainings you attend, the more you’ll know how to achieve a higher rank advancement and the more you can expect a higher level of earnings. Keep doing it and you’re on your way to becoming the next Network Marketing rockstar!

See you at the next training! 🙂


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