5 Ways to Raise the Bar Higher in 2013 | #3

#3 – Attend network marketing events!

There’s a certain high that a professional networker gets from attending network marketing events. There’s nothing like meeting kindred spirits and encouraging, supporting and building one another in loud and proud conversations and revelries. Nothing compares to the rush of contagious passion and positivity.

How do we benefit from attending network marketing events?

  1. We get to meet and learn from the masters and experts in our industry and profession.
  2. We learn new ways to do great in our business.
  3. We meet new friends and potential business partners from all corners of the world.
  4. We know about new information and trends in our industry that we can take advantage of.
  5. We learn ways to uphold and promote our profession.

So, the next time your network marketing company holds a major event, make sure you register and actively participate in it. You will definitely walk away from it with rich insights, realizations, inspiration and renewed strength and enthusiasm to pursue extraordinary success in your business.

V-Malaysia 2013

If you’re an Independent Representative of QNET, you should be at V-Malaysia 2013! Registration is still ongoing so make sure to reserve your spot in yet another unforgettable VCON experience. If you’re keen on becoming the next celebrated leader of the multi-level marketing profession, you should seriously consider attending the next Mastermind Event where you’ll have the chance to take master classes to be given by industry icons like Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Jordan Adler and many more.

Keep that fire burning in your soul. Attend events!


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