5 Ways to Raise the Bar Higher in 2013 | #5

Raise the Bar Higher
The idiom ‘raise the bar’ means to make a task more difficult. Taking on a more difficult task means overcoming a whole new level of challenge. A bigger challenge; however, could bring bigger achievements, greater success and sweeter fulfillment.

In Network Marketing, how do we raise the bar higher this year? I could think of 5 basic ways but I intend to blog about 1 topic per post starting with #5 – Optimise your social media profiles.

Last month, I’ve mentioned in this blog that 2013 is the year of internet network marketing. The internet is the best tool on which you run the business tools and resources that are provided to you by your network marketing company. Use it well to establish your online personality – your online brand, generate leads, build trust and expand your network. Create, maintain and optimise your profiles on the social media sites that matter to the network marketing profession. Be active on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter as it’s on these sites where you can meet potential customers/referrals, maintain communication with your downlines, know the latest company and industry news and participate in promos, training and events. Have fun sharing your photos and stories on Instagram and Pinterest. And lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of LinkedIn as it’s the site where you can showcase your business and profession and connect with prospects at the same time. Work hard but, have fun! 🙂


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