A Cup Of Tea


Photo: yogakatie.blogspot.com

Of all the inspiring and enlightening Zen stories circulating on the net, this one’s my favourite. It’s called “A Cup of Tea”. This Zen story is about a university professor who came to visit a Nan-in, a famous Japanese Zen master. While the Zen master was serving tea, the professor kept asking about Zen and its principles. The master, who did not utter a word throughout the time that the professor was talking kept pouring tea until it started overflowing from the cup. Even then, he kept on pouring. Seeing this strange, foolish act, the professor asks the master to stop pouring so the tea won’t be wasted. Only then did the master reply with You are like this cup. You are full of your own opinions and speculations.  How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?

So what does this Zen story try to convey? Knowledge is the flowing tea while the tea that’s already inside the cup is our strong opinions and preconceived notions. Refusing to empty our cup is keeping knowledge from flowing in.

In order for us to learn more, we should let go of our ego.  To learn is to willingly open our minds to new concepts and realisations. The more we learn, the more we will know. But one fact remains – we can never know all.

Whit Criswell, the author or “What Makes A Winner” once said All leaders are learners; the moment you stop learning, you stop leading. He was, and still is right. This is very true in network marketing, i.e. being a Top Earner in the business does not necessarily mean knowing everything.  We should always bear in mind that learning is a continuing process. Successful people never stop learning.


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