Valentine’s Day Rising

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Today, I’m one of the billion people all over the world who celebrate Valentine’s Day quite differently but relevantly. Today, my heart, mind and soul join One Billion Rising, the global Valentine’s Day call to end all forms of violence against women. With the still shocking and infuriating story of the brutal rape of a college student in New Delhi, India, the recently reported rape of women tourists in Acapulco, Mexico and the countless unreported cases, I owe to it my daughter, my mother, my sister, my female friends and myself to take a stand and join the world in its cry to put a stop to the abuse of women and children.

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I am rising for every victim and every survivor. I am rising for the fundamental right of women and girls to live free from fear and abuse. I am rising for freedom, equality, respect and dignity!

I’m also rising for women’s entrepreneurial success, financial independence and prosperity. I celebrate our innate strengths and skills that make us great in business. I take pride in the fact that we juggle with grace between being homemakers and being corporate bigwigs or home-based business owners. We are poised to succeed and the reasons for that are succinctly articulated by QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson in this blog post and video.  Read, listen and rise!


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