One hour can determine the rest of your day

A wise man once said in his book that if you dedicate one hour a day to meditation, you get 23 hours back in your control.

What to do in 1 hour?

During these 60 minutes, you have to be completely silent. No checking your mobile (switch it off), no toilet breaks, no yawning, and definitely no sleeping. If the silence is broken, you have to start all over again.

You’ll feel the urge to fall asleep. Fight it. Like other parts of your body, your mind needs to get used to the new exercise. The same wise man also said:

Vijay Eswaran Sphere of Silence

When to do it?

Any hour of the day is technically okay, but the best time time to meditate is at the start of the day, the hour before sunrise.

WHY would I sit in silence for an hour?

This is how you take control of yourself. You can’t control external factors like the weather, other people or the roll of the dice, but you can master self-discipline. If you can’t control yourself for just an hour a day, what does it say about your remaining 23 hours?


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