Meditation and focus

If you look at the human body, many of our parts come in pairs: your eyes, nostrils, ears, hands and legs; even your brain and heart are divided into left and right sections. Right smack in the middle of your face though, is something that’s all alone: your mouth!

“In the Sphere of Silence” by Vijay Eswaran believes there is a reason for this: we are meant to rest our tongues, from time to time, so that we can focus and listen to our inner selves.

Many of the world’s biggest companies encourage and even promote employee meditation, including Google, Nike, McKinsey and Apple – Steve Jobs believed Zen meditation taught him to concentrate and ignore distractions.

Eswaran is fond of using stories to convey messages, which is one of the most effective ways of delivery. In the book he tells of an arrow maker in a tiny village in India. One day, a king’s procession passed by whilst he was busy perfecting his arrows. He was so focussed on the task at hand that he did not even look up to see the grand procession.

A sage, Dattatreya, who was passing through the village, asked the arrow maker if he saw the procession. “What procession?” replied the arrow maker. The sage immediately fell threw himself at the arrow maker’s feet and proclaimed, “You are my guru”.

Eswaran teaches you how to use your thoughts as arrows, helping you to become as focussed as the arrow maker, so you can ignore the distractions of the world around you, and achieve your goals successfully.


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