Finding truth in silence

In the Sphere of Silence, motivational book, Kindle

There is a rhythm imprinted in all things, including ourselves, that guides our movement with the universe. If we moved against this flow, there would be chaos and insanity. Chaos is something that we all face on a daily basis, whether during a commute on the train, in meetings at the office, or even on what’s meant to be a quiet weekend with the family. Unless you’re a hermit, it’s unavoidable.

In Vijay Eswaran’s In the Sphere of Silence, he proposes that everyone of us yearns to return to The Eternal Sphere of Silence, whence we came. The great Indian monk and philosopher, Vivekananda shared this belief – “the ideal man” is one who can find silence and solitude in the midst of the most intense chaos.

It’s only in silence that we can think clearly to find the answers to those burning questions, to find the truth.

So the need to return to the comfort of silence and solitude is not only natural, it’s necessary to progress. It’s why we take breaks, go on holidays, meditate, etc.

In the Sphere of Silence teaches us how to find reach that state of calmness, no matter where we are and regardless of the chaos that surrounds us. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and only US$7.36 for your Kindle.


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