“In the Sphere of Silence” Book Review

motivational self help best selling book

What book has received rave reviews from Stephen Covey, Lance Armstrong, Kenneth Blanchard and Fidel Ramos? In the Sphere of Silence is a best-selling motivational book by Vijay Eswaran about using meditation to succeed in business and in life.

It’s understandable why this book has done so well: Eswaran himself is a successful entrepreneur, having founded the multi-national conglomerate, the QI Group and its direct selling company, QNET, ranked 5th in Asia.

QNET direct selling company ranks fifth in Asia

In this nifty little book, Eswaran teaches us how to examine within ourselves for deeper insight into all our actions, a necessary practice for accomplishing great things with our lives. Every chapter shows the influence of Vivekananda on the author, which is good if you’re inclined to the monk and philosopher’s thinking.

In the Sphere of Silence isn’t a typical self-help book; it’s more a constant reminder to run daily reality checks on your life, to ask yourself frank and personal questions. How many of us lie awake reflecting on things we’ve done yesterday and what you’re going to do tomorrow?

What Eswaran has done essentially is converted a daily routine (that many of us take for granted) into a way of life, and presented it in a sequence that guides your thought process, keeping you focussed. Applying its principles may not be easy, but if you stick with them, we are made to believe that we will be well-aligned towards achieving our goals.

Lance Armstrong, Tour de France champion, says its lessons “can help one achieve personal fulfilment in their professional and personal life.”

Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, calls it “a beautiful little book that inspires silence and wise choices”; whilst Kenneth Blanchard, who wrote The One-Minute Manager, praises it as, “a wonderful guide on how to enter the realm of silence and draw closer to God.”

In the Sphere of Silence is available on Amazon in paperback and for your Kindle.


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