The perks of working from home

A quick nod to Mashable for this interesting infographic on the perks of telecommuting. Running your own home business can do you (and the world) a lot of good. I work from home, and I couldn’t be happier.

You save.

On travel time going to and from the office; on money spent on fuel and car insurance; and you could save your own life.

You could be happier.

When you skip commutes, you say byebye to the stress and occasional road rage that go along with it. (Come on, admit it now.) The extra time can be spent doing things you want to do, such as hanging out with your family, taking a break after a hard day’s work, or making a nutritious home-cooked meal…

And healthier.

Eating well and less stress are all better for your health.

You protect the planet.

No driving to work means a greenhouse gas reduction.


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