Three vital behaviours for success

What is the life you’ve always wanted for yourself? Do you want the freedom of time and finances to do anything and everything you’ve always dreamed of? How about taking 6-month holidays twice a year? It’s not impossible, particularly if you’re in a profession that allows you to work from home, such as network marketing.

Once you’ve identified your dream life and goals, what actions will you take to achieve them? Self-help book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything talks about vital behaviours — small, simple actions that if repeated often enough, will affect change in any given situation. Top networker Donna Imson discusses these in a video on her blog.

For example, if you want to lose weight, there are 3 behaviours one must do: 1) work out, 2) eat breakfast, 3) weigh yourself daily. Because of the vital nature of those behaviours, a person can expect to achieve his weight loss goal.

The three vital behaviours

1) Refer

Everyone must be in a referring mode, regardless of your rank. Personal referrals are as important as the ones that you make for your team. If you’re a team leader, leading by example is the way to go.

2) Repeat

Repeat sales means more money. Some network marketing plans offer attractive compensation rates for repeat sales, such as QNET with its QInfinite plan.

3) Rise up

Aim to go up a rank in the network marketing ladder. If you’re at the first rung, your goal should be to move up to the second, and so on. Uplines set the pace and determine the level to which their team members can reach. If your team member decides to join another group with a better performing leader, can you blame him? Who wouldn’t prefer to be in a team that’s doing better or has a more successful leader? Successful people are inspiring and motivate you to emulate their success.

Simple, doable, repeatable, right? Take these three steps every day and see what happens.


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