You just do it


The head of my previous company was Superwoman. She worked most of her waking hours, yet somehow she found time to be a wife, a mother and a tutor to her three children. With her world moving at the speed of crazy, you’d think her weekends would be reserved for relaxation.

Nope, on Saturdays and Sundays, she continued to devote hours to family events, social gatherings, and more coaching for her kids.

I asked her how she managed to not only juggle the different aspects of her life, but to excel in them all, and with great passion. She smiled and said, much like a certain sports brand, “You just do it.”

To this day, that remains one of my all-time favourite quotes for almost everything in life: work, relationships, fitness, etc. There’s little point to wasting time and energy wondering how you will do something, when you can focus on doing it.

Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it

There’s a variation of this powerful mantra, made famous by Tim Gunn from the TV show, Project Runway.

Tim Gunn make it work

So, are you getting it done? Have you made it work?

Next up: the two most important lists.

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