Raise your self-esteem for success

Is high self-esteem the key to happiness and success? Joseph Bismark, QI Group Managing Director, believes so.

According to Bismark’s thoughtful post on his blog, Gems of Wisdom, low self-esteem stems from a lack of self-awareness.

How many of us wish to be taller, slimmer and smarter? The list goes on. Flip through any beauty magazine and you see advertisements for products that give you shiny hair or beautiful skin. And, you’re promised that looking good on the outside is the key to success.

(Indeed, merely wishing you were someone else is quite different than aspiring to be better; the key difference being the level of pro-activeness. With the latter, there’s a goal to achieve, but that’s a separate topic.)

The question is: how can you build your self-worth?

Bismark explains that self-acceptance comes from understanding your true nature: as a spirit-soul, you cannot be destroyed.

It can’t be burnt by fire, withered by wind, moistened by water or killed by any weapons. If you knew that you were indestructible, wouldn’t you have high self-confidence?

He then cites the story of Socrates, the Greek philosopher, when he was captured by prosecutors. Even in such a harrowing predicament, he displayed confidence and fearlessness, because he understood it was his material body that was at risk, and not his spirit-soul.

How does that translate to success in network marketing? When you have confidence, you can give more convincing presentations, you have a stronger belief in your abilities, and you become a better marketer.


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  1. Pathum Dimantha Ranasinge says:

    I would like to learn about this. I like this very much.. I need to know how to be a successful person.. can you help me…

    1. Dani A. says:

      Hi Pathum,

      Thanks for your comment. You can follow this blog for articles and tips. Maybe some of them can help you.

      1. Pathum Dimantha Ranasinge says:

        thank you for guiding me…. I need to follow how people will success in proper way . is there any articles in your blog?

      2. Dani A. says:

        Pathum, there are quite a few articles on the blog. You can read the rest of the blog here. https://successinacup.wordpress.com/

  2. prashant dhotre says:

    Like it. Its a beleaf as soul which drives my network.

    1. Dani A. says:

      Hi Prashant, thank you. If there is any article you want to read, let me know and I’ll see if I can write about it 🙂

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