Does your network marketing organisation have a Jeremy Lin?

This post was inspired by a thought-provoking article by Eddie Yoon in the Harvard Business Review, Does Your Portfolio Have A Jeremy Lin?

(If you don’t know who Lin is, his sudden rise to glory has been meteoric, sparking the “Linsanity” phenomenon. In a nutshell, he’s a basketball player who was overlooked for a long time, till a recent winning streak made everyone take notice of his talent. Now the Jeremy Lin brand is estimated by one Forbes staff to be worth USD14 million.)

Yoon points out that companies might be overlooking “star players”, and all big firms have hidden opportunities with untapped potential. But companies that are successful at finding these opportunities might be able to because:

  • A lack of resources forces them to focus on areas that are most profitable and most in demand.
  • When you’re not in the spotlight, you get to be more creative and explore new things.
  • They had strong leaders who were bold enough to take educated risks.

What if you apply the same thinking to your network marketing organisation? Is there a Jeremy Lin equivalent in your team? How do you identify him or her?

Using the basketball analogy again, Yoon cites ESPN Insider’s John Hollinger’s Player Efficiency Ratings (PER), as an example of a good system for measuring performance. Through a detailed formula, the PER “sums up a player’s positive accomplishments, substracts the negative” and comes up with a rating of how effective the player is.

It’s just as important for a network marketing organisation to review its team for opportunities and resources. The trick is to find a way to measure performance.

Yoon also highlights the National Basketball Association’s Development League, or the NBA D-League, where players in the minor leagues are given a chance to shine.

Is there a hidden opportunity in your network marketing organisation waiting to be discovered?


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