How to use Twitter for your home business (Part 4)

Been exploring Twitter for your network marketing business? Learned anything new? Take a cue from these brilliant Twitter stories. It’s as much about being alert to opportunity, as it is being in the right place and the right time.

#4  Creating opportunities

Kevin Durant, a pro basketball forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was in Oklahoma City during the NBA lockout (contract negotiations were stalled between players and owners) when he tweeted:

George Overbey, a student from Oklahoma State University, saw the tweet and jumped at the chance to invite Durant to join a fraternity football game that night. Although Overbey didn’t really expect a response, Durant not only had a Twitter conversation with him, the basketball star actually showed up to play. Watch the video here.

In another story, a homeless man, Daniel Morales, was reunited with his daughter whom he hadn’t seen in 11 years, thanks to Twitter. Unheard, an organisation helping the homeless, hooked him up with a mobile phone and a Twitter account, which he used to send out a message and picture to track her down.

A fellow Twitter user saw Morales’ tweet and contacted Sarah. Morales met his daughter later that week, and was introduced to his two grandchildren for the first time.

What we can learn: Find ways to use Twitter to your advantage. Think carefully about how you want people to perceive you, then make sure each tweet you post forms part of that bigger picture you want to paint. You never know who’s listening.

Want to connect with potential business partners? Follow them, listen to what’s important to them, and then offer something of value to them. You never know who you might impress.

Twitter isn’t just great for updates, chats and sharing links; it’s a treasure trove of possibilities. Pay attention to what your network is saying, observe opportunities, and if you see an opening, seize it!

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